This is our new T4 Twin scroll bottom mount.

No long wait time for these kits.

Build time is just one week and with a $1000 deposit pay the remaining upon shipment.

Send us a message for orders pk3works@gmail.com

Turbo choices;

5862,6262,6266 and 6766

N54/N55 T4 Twin scroll stainless steel manifold
Precision Journal Bearing Turbo
Precision 46mm wastegate
1pc 3" V-band downpipe with v-band
1pc Open Dump Tubes
1Pc Blanket Turbo Blanket
1Pc Solenoid Mac
1Pc Silicone Hose 2.5” Straight Coupler
1Pc Silicone Hose 1.5”
2Pc Block Fitting Coolant Drain Plugs Front and Rear
1Pc Block Fitting Oil Feed Adapter to 1/8” NPT
1Pc Block Fitting Oil Drain Freeze plug for Rear drain
4Pc Clamp ½” Band Clamps for Heater Hose
1Pc Clamp 5/16” Band Clamp for Coolant Reservoir Top Hose
2Pc Clamp 2.5” Tbolt Clamps for Turbo to Chargepipe
1Pc Vband 3” Vband Clamp for Downpipe
1Pc Turbo Drain line
16pc Head Flange bolts
4PcM10 X 1.5 X 20T4 Turbo Flange Bolts

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